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ul. Jesienna 1  Karwia tel. 58 674 70 63, 605 367 402

Welcome to Poland!

Agawa is located on the Polish seaside of Baltic Sea in Karwia.

Place famous for a special microclimate and an area of great scenic beauty. Location among the beauties of a coniferous forest, just by a beach provides for iodine concentration in the air and coniferous trees scent. All of this makes it a wonderful place to leave behind all worries and daily concerns and relax.


Airport Gdańsk

It’s hard to imagine a more handsome seaport than the Hanseatic city of Gdańsk on the Baltic. Gdańsk prospered in the Middle Ages as a trade link between the interior and the rest of the world and has played an outsized role in recent history as well. In 1980, it was the centre of Poland's anticommunist movement, led by charismatic leader Lech Wałęsa. The revolt by shipyard workers led to the establishment of the independent Solidarity trade union.

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